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    From Hexham

  • Vindolanda £25
  • Housesteads £20
  • Chesters Roman Fort £12
  • Birdoswald Fort £38
  • Corbridge Roman Site £7
  • From Housesteads

  • Vindolanda £25
  • Chesters Roman Fort £20

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Once again

Once again I find myself heading off to Dumfries and Galloway for a bit of wildlife watching.It seems this area has an abundance of goodies to share with anyone interested in wildlife, and you don’t have to go it alone, there’s a great programme of eve… . . . → Read More: Once again


This is probably cheating a bit, I took this lot of photographs along with the ones of Rydal Water. It seemed to make sense to split them up as I had so many.The two lakes are close with White Moss car park in between, I must admit that we go a bi… . . . → Read More: Grasmere

One I’ve been waiting for

Last night our local BBC weather showed a photograph of a Water Vole taken at Killhope Mining Museum, just 30 miles away from Gilsland.It’s years since I’ve been to Killhope Museum and as it’s due to close for the season at the end of October I thought… . . . → Read More: One I’ve been waiting for

An early start

I knew the fine weather wasn’t going to last here in the north so I decided to make the most of it with a trip over to the Lakes.It meant setting the alarm for 5.30am but that’s later than normal for sunrises, by 5.50am we were on our way to Rydal Wate… . . . → Read More: An early start

Fire in the sky

After a long spell of poor weather and grey skies, at last we got some nice clear days.I’d ckecked the position of the sunrise and thought I might be able to capture the sun rising through the trees on top of King Arthur’s Well at Walltown, something I… . . . → Read More: Fire in the sky

To the Tarn

A wee while ago I saw something in the Cumberland News about Red Squirrels at Talkin Tarn and as my quest to photograph these cute animals is, as yet, unfulfilled off I went to check out Talkin Tarn.It’s a flat area of water near Brampton in Cumbria, m… . . . → Read More: To the Tarn

Missing delivery

The forecast was for a cold morning with high possibility of frost and mists.Mists are my Holy Grail so of course I was out early on Thursday morning rubbing my hands in anticipation.There was frost on the car windscreen, and a few wisps of mist drivin… . . . → Read More: Missing delivery

Been a while

Sorry.Weather has been awful and I’ve been suffering from Vertigo – okay that’s my excuses for not blogging out of the way.Gale force winds today interspersed with torrential rain so not terribly promising for photography.But, the clouds were movi… . . . → Read More: Been a while

Feels like Autumn

There’s a real feel of Autumn in the air, trees in the garden are starting to colour up and it’s getting colder, and even more birds are coming to my feeders I’ve been working on my posing perches for  bird photography and setting up a water featu… . . . → Read More: Feels like Autumn

Let there be light

My alarm calls are getting later, 5 o’clock this morning almost a lie in for me.I could see a big band along the horizon with clear sky above it , I felt like a walk, so off I went heading east along the Military Road, now my starts aren’t as early the… . . . → Read More: Let there be light