Example Prices

    From Hexham

  • Vindolanda £25
  • Housesteads £20
  • Chesters Roman Fort £12
  • Birdoswald Fort £38
  • Corbridge Roman Site £7
  • From Housesteads

  • Vindolanda £25
  • Chesters Roman Fort £20

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The solution adopted by the Romans across northern Britain was a wall, built in stone in the eastern half of the isthmus, but from the river Irthing westwards it was initially built of stacked turf. . . . → Read More: Archaeology

Roman Empires and Frontiers

The Roman Empire, probably the greatest single influence on European cultural development, grew from the single city state of Rome and by the beginning of the 1st century AD there was feeling that this expansion was a limitless and natural process. . . . → Read More: Roman Empires and Frontiers