Example Prices

    From Hexham

  • Vindolanda £25
  • Housesteads £20
  • Chesters Roman Fort £12
  • Birdoswald Fort £38
  • Corbridge Roman Site £7
  • From Housesteads

  • Vindolanda £25
  • Chesters Roman Fort £20

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Here are some interesting videos of the Wall

Archaeologist Neil Oliver visits Hadrian’s Wall. He examines the history of the symbolic structure where the Roman Empire was stopped in its tracks by the fierce Scots. Considered one of the greatest triumphs of Roman engineering, Neil looks at the people who lived on the wall and the kind of life they led.

A brief clip describing the reign of Hadrian as Roman Emperor and the building of his wall in the North of England.

The Hadrian’s Wall Living Frontier pageant in Corbridge on Saturday 30th May 2009.